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Hexience designs and implements cutting-edge vertical indoor farming systems. Our bespoke technology is tailored to cultivate a diverse array of crops by establishing the ideal growth conditions throughout the year. From initial concept development to final buildout, along with continuous maintenance and support, our comprehensive service accompanies you at every stage of your journey.

 Why Hexience Vertical Indoor Farming?

Hexience is driven by the challenge of sustainable food production—a goal that stands at the heart of our operations and inspires our team to develop top-tier technology. The unique combination of our advanced technology and dedicated team distinguishes Hexience in the vertical farming industry.

Modular and

Our systems are designed for ease of assembly and maintenance, ensuring they can adapt to various spaces and scales effortlessly.

Closed-Loop Systems

We prioritize sustainability, utilizing closed-loop environments that recycle resources like water and nutrients, minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Design

Our technology is crafted to be smart about energy consumption, using advanced methods to reduce overall energy use while maintaining optimal growing conditions.

Versatility in Crop Production

Capable of supporting a diverse range of crops within a single installation, our technology provides flexibility for growers looking to diversify their production.

Integrated Control

All our systems are managed via a unified platform, allowing seamless control and monitoring to ensure peak performance and ease of use.

Comprehensive Support

Hexience is committed to supporting our partners with ongoing maintenance and expert services, ensuring your farming solution continues to operate at its best.

Who Can Benefit from Hexience Indoor Vertical Farming?

Hexience Indoor Vertical Farming is ideal for a wide range of users looking to cultivate high-quality, 
nutritious produce in a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective manner. Here’s who can benefit:

Traditional Farmers

Traditional Farmers

Looking to supplement animal fodder or diversify their crops to mitigate the risks associated with unpredictable weather and environmental conditions.

Food Services & Caterers

Food Services & Caterers

Airlines, resorts, restaurants, aged care facilities, and hospitals aiming to ensure a consistent supply of healthy fresh produce all year round.


Property Developers

Focused on developing sustainable, connected, and productive communities with integrated food systems.

Forestry & Seedlings

Forestry & Seedlings

Nursery, landscaping, 
and forestry initiatives 
in need of robust and 
reliable seedling 

Food Retailers & Produce Wholesalers

Food Retailers & Produce Wholesalers

Seeking dependable and profitable supplies of top-quality fresh produce with reduced transportation distances.

Pharmaceutical & Wellness Industries

Pharmaceutical & Wellness Industries

Seeking secure facilities to cultivate high-quality medicinal plants, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals under controlled conditions.

Military Bases,
Mining Operations,
& Humanitarian
Aid Efforts

Military Bases, Mining Operations, & Humanitarian Aid Efforts

Requiring rapid, adaptable, and resilient fresh food solutions in some of the most demanding climates and conditions.

Research & Education Institutions

Research & Education Institutions

Schools, universities, and other organizations in need of controlled environment agriculture solutions for educational and research purposes.

What you can grow by
Hexience Indoor Vertical Farming Solution?

Indoor vertical farming offers a versatile solution for growing
a wide variety of crops under controlled environmental conditions.

Leafy Greens
Specialty Crops
Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Plants

Our Process

Hexience Indoor Vertical Farming Process


Initial Consultation

We start by discussing your specific needs 
and objectives for adopting indoor vertical farming. This step helps us understand your project scope, including crop preferences and facility requirements.


Proposal and Planning

Our team crafts a customized proposal that outlines the system design, technology solutions, and crop management plans tailored to your needs. We work closely with you to refine and adjust the proposal, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision.


Agreement and Onboarding

Once the proposal is finalized, we formalize our partnership through a detailed agreement that specifies each party’s commitments. We then guide you through the onboarding process to familiarize you with the technical and operational aspects of the system.


Scaling and Expansion

As your operation grows, we evaluate opportunities for scaling up your production to meet increased demand. We keep you informed of the latest innovations in vertical farming technology that could further enhance your productivity and sustainability.


Ongoing Support & Optimization

We continuously monitor the system’s performance to guarantee that it operates at peak efficiency and produces high yields. Our support team remains available to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring smooth operations at all times.


Implementation and Setup

Our skilled technicians handle the installation of the vertical farming system at your designated site. Comprehensive training is provided to ensure your team is well-prepared to manage the new system effectively.

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