Smart Power for Smart Buildings

At Hexience, we understand the critical importance of efficient and reliable power management in today’s energy-intensive world. Our cutting-edge Power Management Platform is designed to transform your facility’s energy usage, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sustainability goals across all levels of your enterprise.

What is the Power

Management Platform?

Hexience’s Power Management Platform empowers you to efficiently monitor and control your building’s electrical systems. By connecting smart devices to our intelligent Energy and Power Management System (EPMS) software, you gain real-time visibility and analytics to:

  • Understand energy consumption and detect abnormal usage
  • Maximize power availability and rapidly isolate faults
  • Identify power quality issues to prevent equipment damage
  • Enable predictive maintenance to reduce costs and downtime
  • Verify utility bills and manage energy costs

Key features of a Power Management Platform

Real-time monitoring

The platform continuously monitors the power consumption of connected devices, providing instant insights into energy usage patterns and identifying potential issues or anomalies.

Remote control

 Administrators can remotely control and adjust the power settings of individual devices or groups of devices, enabling them to adapt to changing conditions or schedules.

Scheduling and dimming

The platform allows for the programming of custom schedules and dimming profiles, ensuring that lighting levels are optimized based on time of day, traffic patterns, or other relevant factors.

Data analytics

Advanced data analytics tools help analyze historical and real-time power consumption data, providing valuable insights for decision-making and long-term planning.

Fault detection and alerts

The system can detect and diagnose faults or malfunctions in connected devices, sending real-time alerts to maintenance teams for prompt resolution.

Integration with
other systems

Power Management Platforms can often integrate with other smart city systems, such as traffic management or weather monitoring, to enable more dynamic and adaptive power management strategies.

 Solutions for Your Business

The Hexience Power Management Platform delivers value across industries:

Data Centers

Monitor your entire power distribution, from service entrance to rack

Commercial Buildings

Ensure uptime and performance while advancing sustainability


Increase continuity of service and optimize power for sensitive medical equipment

Industrial Facilities

Compare energy efficiency across sites and simplify power quality management

Digitalizing your power systems to unlock unrivaled efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

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