Revolutionize Your Industrial Space with Hexience Smart Lighting Controls

At Hexience, we understand the critical role that lighting plays in industrial environments. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our state-of-the-art Smart Lighting Controls Platform, designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety, and significantly reduce operational costs across your facilities.

Transformative Lighting Solutions Tailored for Industry

Energy Efficiency and
Cost Reduction

Leverage our advanced LED technology combined with wireless controls to cut down on energy consumption dramatically.

Enhanced Safety
and Compliance

Our Smart Lighting Controls Platform ensures optimal lighting conditions, reducing the risk of workplace incidents and helping you comply with occupational health and safety standards.

Scalable & Non-Disruptive Installation

Our wireless systems can be installed without halting your operations, offering a seamless integration that scales with your business needs.

Customizable and

Every industrial site is unique, and so are your lighting needs. Our platform allows for complete customization of lighting scenes and settings to match specific tasks or areas.

Robust and Secure

Industrial environments demand uncompromised reliability and security. Our lighting systems are designed to be robust, withstanding tough industrial conditions and securing your settings with top-notch cyber-secure technology certified by global standards.

Sustainable Operations

By reducing energy consumption and using eco-friendly LED technology, our platform not only lowers your carbon footprint but also aligns with global sustainability goals.

 Key Features of Hexience Smart Lighting Controls

Wireless Emergency Lighting

Minimize physical infrastructure while enhancing safety through automated testing and remote management.

Environmental Monitoring

Utilize smart lighting as a gateway to monitor air quality, detect harmful gases, and control noise pollution.

Occupancy and Daylight Sensing

Save energy with intelligent sensors that adjust lighting based on room occupancy and natural light levels.

Human-Centric Lighting

 Improve worker alertness and productivity by tuning light to support natural circadian rhythms.

Anomaly Detection,
Predictive Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs with automated alerts and proactive servicing.

Ready to Elevate
Your Industrial Lighting?

Transform your industrial lighting into a smart, energy-efficient, and highly secure system today.

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